secondhand memories: the novel

an on-going serial cell phone novel in English. a simple story about a high school love. one loses their memories.

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Author’s Note

Thank you for all the continued support! I assure you that the rest of the journey will be a ride of a lifetime! Help the novel win the contest! =)
– taka-chan


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A simple story about a high school love.
One suddenly loses their memory.

A story about the true meaning of love, sacrifice, friendship and pain….


I intended to write this with language as simple as i can make it, preserving some sort of innocence, childishness, adding a personal touch, as if it was a journal.


Read the novel here:  Secondhand Memories @


“なかなか良いじゃないか! This is good stuff. Your “simple style” is nice, …Good luck, and keep writing!.
– Hectibus,

“I’ve fallen in love with this story! Your writing style is really fun to read, I’m always looking forward to the next update. Keep up the good work, I’ll be waiting! d(*3* )b …”
– candy,

“Takatsu-san has sensibility for words and for captiving stories you can’t wait for the next chapter. :).”
– hengbok,

“A lovely fantastic read! gambarimasu.”
– okonomiyaki,

“Very Japanese Drama! I can picture this happening in my head. …but nevertheless, great job!.”
– Kurai-Hisaki,

“Thanks for your encouraging comments!… I have fallen in love with your characters! Keep it up :).”
-Tina Landford,

“Absolutely incredible. I had to read all 58 chapters posted so far straight through. You’re an amazing writer!”
– Annabelle,

“Amazing how well you implement the first-person point of view. I’ve always had a private desire for first-person novels. Hackneyed and cliche, some have said, but there’s just something about good writers and first person novels. You are definitely in one of them. Your voice really comes through. Some people will disagree and say, “Well of course. He’s writing in first person. It’s suppose to engage you in such a way.” But I would have to say that not all first-person novels come through as clean as yours does. Simply amazing.”

“Not bad, I’ll have to say ^^. I like the simplistic style as well. … keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see more. “
-Cobalt Mailman,

“…I really liked the story. I believe you reached your goal of the feeling of love and innocence. In places I felt there was a haiku quality of the description. Very well done. A really enjoyable mood from it. … Domo arigato for the great mono ga ta ri. .”

“Amazing, simply amazing. I was shocked on how you wrote this story. …I’ll be looking forward to your upcoming chapters brother”


“very interesting Takatsu! you bring a sense of word play by mixing the english with a bit of japanese. love your stories!”

“mang youre awesome. i love the intro. it gets the readers attention! i’ll be rooting for you all the way….”

“this is a very interesting story XDDD keep it up!.”

“Nice! I like this one too! You’re an amazing writer! *cyberhug* …I’m on page 8. So far it’s amazing! =D I’m gonna shut up now and keep reading! =3”

“oh taka-chan! the book cover is beautiful! just like the story lol.”
-Jessica Mangette,

“Cool. This is neat, really draws me in..”
– Sheila Deeth,

“Such great read! I read it on mobile site. I nearly cried at some parts. i love this so much!! :)”
– yamyam,

“Takatsu…congrats on your recognition and keep it up. Way to go getting to this spot at the top of all the other stories on Textnovel.”
– Ed Osprey,

“What a fun way to write. It’s like “novel haiku” or something. Good luck and congratulations on your standing in the contest. -Susan :)”
– Myah Lin,

“Just tell me why this is so good. sweet stuff! (: Good luck with the contest..”

” Love this story ^_^ The way it’s formatted also makes it even more interesting 🙂 …:D”
– Jinsu,

” Hi! Interesting story!”
– Faith,




  Hengbok ♥ wrote @

I’m reading your novel at and I’m loving it!

  okonomiyaki wrote @

this is such a touching story!! d(>o< )b l’m loving it too (:

  Sakakikala wrote @

I love your story and I can’t wait for more! =)

  Ayukawa Shizuma wrote @

Congrats on hitting a milestone! Your story is almost as cool as you are!! 🙂

  Suzu wrote @

I love your story. I read all the chapters so far straight through. It was just too good to stop.

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