secondhand memories: the novel

an on-going serial cell phone novel in English. a simple story about a high school love. one loses their memories.

Chapter 43

“Oi! Yamaro! Someone help! Anybody! I’m calling the cops!” It seemed like I could only shout and watch Aoi in danger. I felt useless. My heart was pounding. I wanted to run across the street. But I knew I would die if I tried.

I saw bystanders hesitating and then pulling out their cell phones. Call the police! I silently prayed.

The man looked desperate by now. Aoi was still struggling with him.


There was finally a break between the cars and I rushed forward, running towards Aoi. I breathed out relieved.

Wait for me, Aoi, I’m coming.

I would teach that guy a lesson. I clenched one fist. My other hand protecting Aoi’s bouquet of flowers.

Suddenly, I realized they were a bit too close to the curb.

Just as I was shouting “Watch out!” he gave one last pull. But instead, the purse flew upwards. It spiralled up into the air slowly.

All of a sudden, it felt like as if time was moving in slow motion. I was halfway across the street, but then suddenly, I couldn’t run as fast anymore. I didn’t know why. My legs wouldn’t move.

The man stumbled back slowly. Even the purse was suspended in the air.

Then I watched Aoi, horrified.

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