secondhand memories: the novel

an on-going serial cell phone novel in English. a simple story about a high school love. one loses their memories.

Chapter 48

The world around me stopped. But I knew I couldn’t. Where was Aoi?

I forced myself to get up. My body complained in agony. I was finally on my shaking legs, and I stumbled forward.

I wiped the tears from my eyes.

“Aoi!” Was the first thing I said.

Then, I saw her. She was lying on the road. A ruffled white flower. Vulnerable, broken.

With the world still spinning around me, I ran towards her, my mind full of dread.

This was like a nightmare. Wake me up. Someone wake me up. This has to be a nightmare. But my heart felt like a million knives were stabbing me.

The girl I love.

I got to her side and saw blood slowly pooling.



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