secondhand memories: the novel

an on-going serial cell phone novel in English. a simple story about a high school love. one loses their memories.

Chapter 104

“You seem like an awesome person. Aoi-chan is lucky to have you.”

“Thanks.” I accepted the compliment gratefully. Somehow it was a refreshing touch of a mender’s hand on my heart. Everyday, I could only blame myself. And everyday, people could only pity me.

I noticed that she grew flustered, her cheeks and ears toning slightly pink, as if she caught herself being carried too far.

“I’m sorry..” She said.


“For reminding you of Aoi and her condition.”

I shook my head. “No, it’s okay. Actually.. I feel bad when I DON’T think about her.”
“As if I’m leaving her out of my world now.” I added.

“As if I was.. forgetting her.” I caught myself. “Oh sorry.”

She gave me a slight smile. A comforting smile. “Don’t be. I understand how you feel.”

I’ve been told this so many times, but a look into her eyes somehow told me she really meant it.

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