secondhand memories: the novel

an on-going serial cell phone novel in English. a simple story about a high school love. one loses their memories.

Chapter 160

The song ended as quickly as it had started.

But within the last few seconds, I realized something new. Well, it seemed like every day I was learning something new. As if Aoi was taking the time to teach me something every day. As if God had teamed up with Aoi to let me learn something.

I glanced at the monitor. The softly beeping metronome was now reading 35. It had returned back to normal.

It had returned back to normal, but little pieces of happiness still hung in the room with all of us.

I could feel the smiles in the room. We were all here for Aoi. It wasn’t just me. Suddenly, I wasn’t alone any more. Together we were here for Aoi. I could feel it in the air now.

Just like the candles, if I could hold on to these sparks of happiness, it would be enough to light a room.

It was more than enough.

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